Callanders Mr Tux Has Got You Covered!

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After Six Nuvo III #2003

3 Button, Notch, Satin Triple Lapel, Self-Top Collar, Besom Pockets

Chaps Black Fairmont #06202

2 Button, Self-Framed Peak Lapel and Top Collar

Chaps Hudson #33111

2 Button Notch Lapel Coat with Faille Satin Trim

Oscar De La Renta Trilogy #2006

3 Button, Notch Lapel with Satin Inset creating a dimensional appearance

Calvin Klein Ashton #2011

2 Button, Notch Lapel with Framed Satin Edging

Chaps Hudson #311111

2 Button Notch Lapel Coat with Faille Satin Trim

Ralph Lauren Starwood #2010

Super 100’s Wool with Grey Chalk Stripe

Perry Ellis "Freedom" #09703

3 Button coat with Satin Notch Lapel

Chaps "White Fairmont" 06221

Self-Framed Peak Lapel and Top Collar with Satin Inset

Claiborne Citi-Lites

5 Button Coat with satin notch lapel and top collar.

Claiborne Citi-Scapes 81114

100% Worsted wool with 3 button coat and satin framed notched lapel

Ralph Lauren Madison CN2B

2 button coat with notched satin lapel.

After Six San Dominico VI 722HU

3 button coat, satin notch lapels and self top collar

After Six Centennial #2008

2 button, high luster notch satin lapels, besom pockets

Oscar de la Renta Velocity #2009

2 button coat, notch lapels with pleated satin inset, self top collar

Claiborne Citi-Edge #82003

3 button coat, unique diamond shaped lapel edged in satin

Ecko Unlimited #88801

Coat, Pants, Standard White or IvoryWing or Laydown collar Shirt and any Vest or Tie Style

After Six San Dominico I #100

2 button coat, self-top collar, no vent

After Six San Dominico III #101

Full dress tails with 6 button front, tail has center vent

After Six White Diamante #104

1 button, single breasted peak lapel, self-collar with high lustre inset

After Six Prado #106

3 button, satin notched lapel, besom pockets

Oscar de la Renta LaVida #200

4 button, one piece collar/lapel with satin edge

Oscar de la Renta Black Countour I #722fp

2 button single breasted coat with notch lapel

Oscar de la Renta Black Renaissance I #722jr

2 button coat with peak lapel with layered satin inset

After Six San Pietro I #722jz

100% Worsted wool, 2 button coat with satin peak lapels

After Six San Dominico VII #722pi

2 button coat with satin peak lapels, self top collar

Andrew Fezza The Duece #1516

2 button coat with satin notch lapel, besom pockets

After Six 2 Button Shawl #2000

2 button coat, satin shawl lapel and top collar

After Six Shawl Lapel Full Dress #2001

1 button front full dress styling with vented tail

After Six Matrix II #2002

2 button notch satin lapel with woven textured geometric pattern

After Six Matrix IV #2005

4 button coat, notch satin lapel, no vent, 35" length

Perry Ellis Vail IV #411120

100% Worsted wool, 4 button notch satin lapel and top-collar

Raffinati Black Full Dress #775

6 button full dress styling, center vented tail.

Raffinati Lino Shawl #900

1 button, single breasted with satin shawl, no vent

After Six Roma II #1515

2 button, satin notch lapels, self top collar.

Raffinati Black Peak Classic #6402

1 button, satin peak lapels, self top collar, flap pockets

Bill Blass Notch Lapel Full Dress #75214

Full dress tailcoat with a 6 button front

Lord West Dinner Jacket #800

1 button single breasted self faced shawl

After 6 Black Business Suit #999

2 button front, non vented, flap pockets

After 6 LaStrada #2012

2 button single breasted, non vented back.

After Six White LaStrada #107

2 button, single breasted, non vented back

Jean Yves Steel Gray Twilight #10098

2 button, satin notched lapel and top collar with frames edge